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Welcome to Cobalt Solar Energy

Leaders in Solar Component Design and Manufacture

At Cobalt Solar, we empower you and your solar installers to create high-quality solar power systems with our range of industry leading wholesale solar components.
Our product range includes:

We also provide services in product development and customisation.

Cobalt Solar is not simply a solar wholesale company; we are a leading manufacture of innovative and incredibly robust solar system components that are built to last.

All Cobalt Solar products are engineered to improve safety, ensure longevity and allow for quick and reliable installation for a whole range of solar power systems.

At Cobalt Solar, we understand that durability is a must when it comes to Australian solar power systems. That’s why all our products have been designed to handle the toughest Aussie weather conditions – from the blistering sun to the heavy wind, rain and dust.

Our team leads the way in innovative solar component design. With more than twelve years’ experience in the Australian solar industry and use of world-class manufacturing facilities and supply chains, we have the knowledge, expertise and resources to provide products for installations of all shapes and sizes.

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